testi14The Astrolab is one of the most useful experiences I have had in understanding the inner workings and complexity of my psychic makeup and that of others
Wendy Weir, Las Cruces, New Mexico

This experience has brought me greater clarity and confidence about my life’s purpose – in many ways, on many levels.
CKM, Jacksonville, Florida

That there can be peace and laughter amidst the muchness of learning, challenge, emotions, excitement and awe is a new imaging for me to hold and bring forth.
Thank you,
NW, Milbridge, Maine

The astro lab is experiental learning in a sacred container with a flexible knowing design, valuable beyond words.
Francie Quast-Hayden, Aurora, Illinois

What I have learned:
Astrology is not so much about predicting a certain path that leads to ease and peace, as a beckoning hand that invites us into our deep realms of conflict and purpose where we are challenged to live into our fate for our own good and therefore a universal benefit.
This challenge was laid at my feet.
Michael, Jacksonville, Florida

A remarkable experience with an ancient system of wisdom that has been unfairly minimized in our fast paced extraverted Western culture. It changed my life and taught me a kind of wholeness that will serve me in every aspect of my life.
Polly Armstrong, Jungian Analyst, Washington, D.C.

The astrolabe is a nourishing, expansive form where revolutionary work takes place
Beth Wheeler, Takoma Park, Maryland

Astrolab is an in depth experiential workshop where the essence and sacredness of Astrology is taught. It is a great arena to get to know yourself and see more possibility.
L.Y.C. Portland, Maine

As a fourth-time participant, this lab for me has been a guide for my journey. I recommend it highly for anyone who is on a quest for self knowledge in order to do their work in the world.
Bobbie O’Connor, Jacksonville, Florida

See yourself thru a unique lens of self-revelation. Come to the Astro-Lab for therapeutic and healing benefits, great AHA moments and a fresh look at life.
Patricia Killian, Elburn, Illinois

Astrolab is mind-blowing and challenges conventional mental models of how the universe; the world and my life operates/energises/evolves.
Carlotta Tyler, Salem, Massachusetts

The astrolabe is a grand opening with self discovery.
NB, Chicago, Illinois