rifi_pofyArifa’s expertise has grown over years as a practicing astrologer. She teaches the complex system of meaning in such a way that it becomes clear and easily accessible to beginners while remaining challenging for more advanced students

taurus_aHer astrological study began in 1972 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has 36 years experience in astrological counseling, sitting with people, hearing their stories and helping them make sense of their lives.

Bringing an interdiciplinary approach to her work, Arifa teaches astrology through a many-faceted lens. Besides formal degrees – B.S. in premedical studies and a Masters in Special Education – she has studied different body work modalities, Flower Essences Therapy, and Plant Spirit Medicine. She brings a knowledge of group dynamics using the Merrill/Weir Percept Orientation and psychological understanding from the archetypal vantage point.