moonshotSince astrology by nature is a complex cosmology, many people become overwhelmed early on in their understanding and abandon the study of this ancient world view.

Patterns of Fate was born out of desire to teach astrology in a way that anyone who wanted to learn would be able to. We started with premise that astrology lives in each of us, in our sensations, our felt experience, how we express ourselves and how we make sense of the outside world.

We wanted to teach using all of these faculties, basically bringing astrology home to our own experiences.

At first we worked in living rooms and spaces in cities in the US where people wanted us to teach. We used the charts of the participants as our textbook and all the forms of experiential learning- movement, music, art, writing, play acting- to ground the intellectual denseness of astrology.

We found that the retreat model worked the best. Learning intensively in EXPERIENTIAL WAYS WHILE LIVING IN COMMUNITY seems to facilitate integration and understanding. We have settled into the Kennedy Learning Center on Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro ME.  The combination of a 3-night retreat surrounded by the natural world, wonderful food and nurturing staff provides an excellent external container for the internal work awakened with an understanding of our own chart.

Currently we now have two models under the umbrella of Patterns of Fate

  • Leadership Astrology and the Relational Field
    6 three night weekends in 6-month intervals at Kennedy Learning Center In Maine using astrology and moon phases to inform and embolden leadership style.
  • Patterns in Pairs/ Pairs in Patterns
    Dates to be announced. We envision it as working with partners of whatever nature in a long weekend format to understand how astrology helps to give language to the complex field of relationships.